Who May Become Chief Minister (CM) Of Gujarat in 2017

By | December 8, 2017

Who may Become Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2017: Chief Minister is also a term used to determine the head of the party, who deserves all the qualities to handle up his party. Narendra Modi came into this form from the Gujarat state only. In the earlier years, he was the CM of Gujarat and he was been CM for the 15 years. The election for the Chief Minister comes under the Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) Elections. Mostly, CM is elected from the party or the person, who is liable to form his own party and to stand up with his workers in the constituency are also eligible for CM.

Gujarat Chief Minister 2017

The party who will win more than 50%+1 seats of the total seats, the Chief Minister will stand up from their party. Suppose the seats are 50-50, then the parties could decide to work for 2.5 years one party CM and another 2.5 years another party CM. The Governor reserves right to disqualify the CM if he/she is involved in any other unlawful action. Every party sets their Chief Minister before the elections depending upon certain factors, that if their party wins he/she will be elected as Chief Minister. Chief Minister is also elected for the term of 5 years only.

As till now updates of Gujarat Elections 2017 Mr. Patel could be nominated as Chief Minister from Congress but not yet officially confirmed. And till there is no updated regarding the Chief Ministerial Candidate from BJP side. Still, the parties have not yet confirmed. Coming to the earlier Chief Minister of Gujarat, after the resignation of Narendra Modi, Anandiben Patel was been elected as Gujarat CM. She was the first women Chief Minister of Gujarat. She worked from 22 May 2014 to 7 August 2016. Then Vijay Rupani from BJP was been the CM of Gujarat from 7 August 2016. Since last 20 years BJP only serving the Gujarat. Let us see which political party wins majority of seats, the BJP, Indian National Congress (INC), or AAP  (Aam Aadmi Party) or any other regional party.

The parties are calling out for the legislative meeting, as per their convenient time to decide who will be nominated as CM if their party win. If decided by th party, Vijay Rupani could be elected as a CM again but that’s not confirmed. The Congress has even said that they will not be naming the CM candidate, who is been selected they want to keep it secret to avoid controversies.  What Congress want this time is to make their party work seriously and not for higher seats. Vaghela will be selected as the election in charge for the Gujarat Elections 2017.

Till the results are declared, whose party’s CM will be contesting can’t be said. You too just comment whom you want to see on the CM’s seat this year. The resignation of 3 Congress MLA’s and joining BJP hurts the people sentiments and the reason of resignation was not clearly answered till now. Leaving their own party and joining the opposition party is the major question. All the parties are having their personal gathering/meeting in their respective places, we too are hoping for the best for Gujarat elections this year.

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