Gujarat Elections 2017 Opinion Polls & Survey Results – Vidhan Sabha

By | December 14, 2017

Gujarat Elections 2017 Opinion Polls and Survey Results – Vidhan  Sabha Elections: Gujarat Legislative Assembly or Vidhan Sabha Elections is the 14th legislative assembly elections, which are set to be held in the month of December of 2017 in two phases. The Assembly elections will elect 182 constituencies of Gujarat. While the Assembly elections are already held in the 5 states recently, in the first quarter of 2017, which includes Goa, Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh. The Latter half of 2017, will conduct the elections of Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh, which are considered as one of the important states in India. The Gujarat Legislative Assembly has a total of 182 seats, To Score or to to form government, a winning party must acquire 92 seats to win the elections. National level parties like Indian National Congress and BJP has already started preparation for the enormous battle. According to News source, BJP Chief Amit Shah has appointed Mr. Arun Jaitley for the person-in-charge for various elections activities in Gujarat. Various media agencies have actively initiated surveys to get an idea of people choices in the upcoming elections. Here we will be showing the current opinion polls of the upcoming Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Opinion Polls and Survey Results

Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections 2017 – Date, Opinion Polls, Parties

As the Current tenure of Vidhan Sabha or Legislative Assembly is set to expire in December 2017. The ECI (Election Commission of India) is set to announce the elections details such as polling dates, schedule, competing parties etc. In 2012, the Gujarat Elections were held in two phases, First on 13th December and second was held on 17 December 2012. This year the elections set for December 2017 as per date set by the Election Commission of India (whole elections schedule will be updated once it’s announced). BJP party has been a constant winner of Gujarat Elections, since 1995. Earlier Chief Minister Naredra Modi who is the current Prime Minister, was the CM of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. But due to the coronation of Narendra Modi as PM, ‘Anandiben Patel’ became the next CM of Gujarat. Soon after she expressed her desire to resign, which was accepted later. She continued to hold the office until her successor ‘Vijay Rupani’ took over on 7 August 2016. However, Congress party may also ready with a tough competitor which has yet to be disclosed. Which will bring them to power after a long time? AAP is also contesting first time in Gujarat since its formation. They face defeat in 2012 General Elections. This time AAP will try to perform better and gain some seats. Stay tuned with us for Gujarat Elections 2017 Opinion Polls.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Opinion Polls

A number of media agencies and pollster have actively started opinion polls and survey among the voters to see their sentiments and which party they would see wins the upcoming elections. Opinions polls are conducted to know the people’s opinion, before the elections to get a general idea to see, which party is in a better position to win the elections. These are the agencies which would conduct the Gujarat Opinions polls or Surveys by ‘IndiaTrendingNow’, ‘VDP Associates’, ABP Nielson, Aajtak/Indiatoday, News18 etc.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Opinion Poll by ‘India Today Group, Axis My India’

Political Party Number of Seats [Expected]
(Conducted b/w 25th Sept to 15th Oct)
BJP 115-125
Congress+ 57-65
AAP Counted in Others
Hardik Patel Party 0
Can’t Say / Others 3

Gujarat Opinion Polls Conducted by ‘VDP Associates’

According to a Survey Conducted by VDP Associates, BJP getting around 47% vote share & Congress with 40%, but actual results may vary from the opinion polls. It was conducted and published very earlier before the polls.

Political Party Vote Share (Expected)
BJP 47%
Congress 40%
AAP 2%
Others 4%
Undecided/Can’t say 7%

Gujarat Opinion polls by Gujarat State Unit of Congress: The Gujarat State of Congress has also conducted an internal survey of the voters in the month of August. As per the Survey, Congress is expected to win 85 seats, lower the BJP which is projected to win around 97-182 seats in Gujarat elections. Let us see that more agencies may conduct their own Gujarat Opinion Polls 2017 and we may also check overall ‘Polls of poll’ based on availability, just stay tuned with us, we may provide you latest updates on the same.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Opinion polls Results: So, according to all the opinions polls, there seems tough competition between the BJP and the Congress, but as AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is also contesting the polls, so let us wait and check if any poll agency release the Opinion Poll results projecting the expected seats can be gained by the parties like AAP, Congress & BJP in the Legislative Assembly or Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017.

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