Who May Win Gujarat Elections 2017 – AAP vs BJP vs Congress

By | December 6, 2017

Who may win Gujarat Elections 2017 – AAP vs BJP vs Congress: It’s tough to say who may be winning exactly, but till the results are announced, we can have a highlight who can win at the same time that one may lose. If we have stood to win, we should not fear of losing. Because if we only think of losing, we can’t concentrate on winning. Finally, the Gujarat 2017 Elections came to an end only the results are to be announced and the people are so eager to know about the result. Only the one will win those who got the majority of votes. Because their work is seen in the society and then only they will be selected finally.

Who May Win Gujarat Elections 2017 – AAP vs BJP vs Congress

As seen in the previous year’s BJP is continuously winning. Congress is always leading to BJP and always they are missed out with some votes. But this time the competition made some more interesting with the influence of AAP and this time the scenario may be different due to the entry of another political party led by the Arvind Kejriwal. As AAP is also one of the known party for Delhi Polls 2015, which is now set to make there some seats in Gujarat too. While the congress is the old oppositions of  BJP in Gujarat.

As seen the previous year’s election BJP is winning 100+ seats in previous polls and Congress is winning 60+ seats in previous polls, but this time with the influence of AAP, some parts of the seats may win by AAP, with this influence of AAP both BJP and Congress may lose some of their seats if AAP wins. So what will happen, who will win how many seats can’t be said. But in this Gujarat Vidhan Sabha or Legislative Assembly Elections 2017, We can just expect a tough competetion between these political parties in these polls. Stay tuned with us we will be updating you live with the Gujarat Election 2017 Opinion, Exit Polls & Results on this website. You can leave your comments that who may become the Chief Minister or CM of the Gujarat, which party may win maximum number of seats or Majority in the Gujarat Polls 2017.

Runner up candidadates are those who lost their seats or unable to win the constitueny from where they contested. What AAP is planning is to grab some seats and make a place in Gujarat. Later on in next election, they are planning for a good number of seats. As AAP is also a well-known party for their work and to setup a party with their team and to start up the work in Delhi, it will take some time but AAP is trying its best to set with their name as AAP Gujarat. But, the Congress is seen defeated in UP & other states, the reason for these is not yet known. BJP too geared up with for this pools and trying to get the maximum of seats this year too.  Gujarat 2017 Elections are the interesting election when compared to previous times election. We will be updating you with all the updates at the earliest till then stay tuned with us for all latest updates.

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